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Tesco Online Groceries

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Tesco has been providing shoppers with only the best produce at fantastic prices for almost 100 years. With over 3,400 stores across the UK, Tesco is a well-known household name and for good reason. Pick up fresh fruit and veg, store cupboard and household essentials for less. Every little helps.

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The stated reward is only available for new registrations (to Tesco) spending over £45 and making your first purchase on Groceries on a desktop computer. No rewards are given when spending less than £44.99 and on Tesco Delivery Saver. If you have made an online groceries purchase with Tesco before you will not receive a reward.

You will not receive the stated reward for any other purchases from Tesco. No rewards are given on Mobile sales for new registrations and marking your first purchase on Groceries.

Queries can only be investigated after 30 days from the date the purchase was made.